Magma’s Outdoor Adventure Post

By October 10, 2010Staff, Outdoor Education


I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely summer. This summer I was camp crafts director. It was so much fun to teach campers how to build fires, learn knots, set up tents and learn about shelters.

This summer I also had the opportunity to run the outdoor adventure programs. Outdoor adventure ran K2, K8 and K9 with 10-17 campers in each group. We ate 1/3 of our meals in the Lodge, 1/3 were delivered to us and 1/3 were made by staff. We enjoyed spending time building forts, having cedar tea, eating yummy snacks like bannock, smack apples, s’mores and banana boats, and going on an overnight. Each week was super fun and it was a great opportunity for campers to learn all sorts of new outdoor skills.

Well as school starts up, remember all the awesome memories from camp and we hope to see you all next year.

Ruth “Magma” Wright-Gedcke