Lua’s Arts & Crafts Post

By October 16, 2010Staff

Here at Camp we love arts and crafts! This year we have done plenty of really cool crafts that the campers put lots of effort into! We have made animal masks for dress up dinners that had our camp crawling with lions and pandas! Occasionally we even invite our Music and Drama friends over to our craft porch to join in making tambourines for a parade, or to show them our crafts while they show us their cool costumes they’ve put together!

Our Music and Art camp, Kintail Express was a great success where campers all worked in individual groups to contribute to our production of the Lion King. The clay group made props such as bones and bugs, the painting group created beautiful backdrops as well as helped to paint a drying rack that is our new addition to the craft area this summer. We also had a fashion art group who worked very hard making costumes for all our actors. The ending result was a fantastic production of a classic tale that staff and parents were thrilled to watch! A big thank you goes out to all of our staff and campers who worked extremely hard over the week in all their groups to make the Lion King come to life at Kintail!

As the summer is wrapping up the craft cubby is being all closed up and lose ends taken care of. Sr. Co Ed campers are enjoying making very creative masks for our masquerade ball at the end of the week, making bracelets, and tie dying! Overall, arts and crafts this summer has seen some very creative campers and marvellous crafts been made. We all look forward to next summer and seeing campers back in arts and crafts sessions!