LIT Welcoming by Zabrini

By February 24, 2014Uncategorized

Hello Everyone!

Its Zabrini again here to share one of my favourite Kintail traditions. The past two summers I have worked as a LIT RC training the future leaders of Kintail. The LITs spend an entire month at Kintail.  On their last morning before leaving we have a “LIT Welcoming Ceremony” to welcome them into the Kintail community and congratulate them for completing the program. During breakfast each cabin is given the opportunity to sing instructions of activities for the LITs to perform. Some popular ideas are: act out your nature names, rap the creation story, serenade and back massages! Once the meal is almost finished the LITs run around the lodge three times as staff members throw water at them. This activity is reserved only for staff who put their elbows on the table so it symbolizes the LITs’ graduation from the program. LIT welcoming is something the LITs and staff look forward to every month so here’s a couple pictures of our August LITs getting wet!

See you next summer!