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Hello friends! Pelican and Orbit here.

This past August we had the privilege of leading a group of fourteen LIT’s into the wilderness on a fun and challenging camping trip. We hiked 38.5 kM of the Maitland River Trail, located just outside of Goderich!

These camping trips are designed for group bonding, friendship building, and to develop an appreciation for God’s beautiful creation around us. The LIT’s enduring challenging yet rewarding days together in the rugged outdoors. Each day this group would rise early in the morning, eat breakfast (which usually consisted of oatmeal with way to much cinnamon), pack up our campsite into our camping backpacks and walk together! We would often break into song throughout the day to try to forget about our sore feet and mosquito bites! We would walk until we reached our next site, where we would set up camp, have a campfire, talk, and laugh really hard together to the point where our sides would hurt!

This trip is a very important part of the LIT program because it brings people closer together and facilitates the bonding of some close friendships. The friendships that begin here last and we’re not trying to be cheesy, they actually do!

If you are 15 or 16 years old this coming year, and/or going into Grade 11, consider the LIT program and look forward to the fun and exciting Camping Trip!


-Pelican and Orbit