LIT Trip by Hazel

By January 17, 2013Uncategorized

As part of the LIT program we go on an out trip into the wilderness. Now, not being such a wilderness girl myself, I was a little bit nervous having to lead  (along side with Yeti and Sprig) the LITS into the great outdoors. We decided to head up to Tobermory to hike The Bruce Trail! The scenery was absolutely breath taking and the terrain was decently easy. We spent the majority of the day and time hiking, but on our down time we bonded as a LIT group and created many memories that I know will last a lifetime. A few of us wanted to see bears and even took some extreme measure to try to lure them towards us. Naynay -Hazel and Yeti don’t play that game. We didn’t see any animals, but we did have one of the most amazing trips of our lives. When we arrived back “Home” as we kept calling camp, we wanted to head back to The Bruce. Not because we didn’t love camp, I think, because we over came challenges and worked together as one. I believe trip is such an important part of the LIT program and if you ever have any opportunity to go out and enjoy God’s wonderful creation, I encourage you to take it!  Hazel