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LIT RC by Clementine

By October 10, 2014Uncategorized


Hello folks,

My name is Abbey “Clementine” Newbigging and I was a Lit in 2008, and as big of an experience as it was back then, this year as a LIT RC was different but even more rewarding then when I was a camper. I had worked as a counsellor for two years after I was a Lit and then took 3 summers away from Kintail before I was back this summer. Coming back to camp this summer was even better than I expected.  Coming in the spring I was nervous and unsure of what the spring/ summer would be like as there was few people I knew and changes in the camp all around. Right away I was welcomed right back into the camp community like before. And throughout the time here I have noticed all the changes in the past few years and how far this camp has improved for the better.  I was also fortunate to have probably one of the best jobs at camp, which was the Leaders in training resource counsellor position. I was lucky enough to have a great group of teenagers and an amazing co to work along side. This truly was a summer to never forget, and I will never regret the past summer I spent at Kintail.  Clementine