LIT Program Day

By April 7, 2009Staff, Off-season

On March 28th, the program staff and potential LITs gathered for a great day at Elmwood Presbyterian Church in London. There was an amazing group of potential LITs who are excited and ready to begin leadership training at Kintail. This training will teach about leadership roles, communication, and group dymanics. It will also include sessions on responding to the various needs of campers, how to be a great camp counsellor, and outdoor living skills. LITs will take part in a worship service at one of our neighbouring churches and learn how to lead the various parts of worship. One of our programs focuses on music and art leadership, and the other two programs teach out-tripping skills. The LITs will learn this week about which group they will take part in. We are looking forward to three amazing LIT programs in 2009!