LIT 2001 Reunion

By October 6, 2011Alumni

This weekend, I and the rest of the LITs of 2001 came to camp to reunite and remember the summer that changed our lives.  We planned the 10 year LIT reunion as a chance to see each other again and catch up.  We spent the weekend singing, laughing and talking of memories of our time as LITs. One thing that I think we could all commonly say about LIT is that it was a time that helped mould us into the adults that we are today. Kintail is a very special place, and LIT was a very special program that let us build an incredible community as well as grow as individuals. We had an amazing time seeing old friends again and reminiscing about the month that changed our lives. Thanks Kintail, for everything.

LITS of 2001:

Amy “Forest” Reinders
Amanda “Grenouille” McPherson
Holly “Kiwi” Harvey
Stephanie “Nova” Von Farra
Julie “Papaya” McDonald
Rebecca “Strawberry” Reiter
Gary “Tang” Cordick
Jesse “Timber” Cnockaert
Alison “Algae” Podio
Julien “Arithia” Floyd
Dawn “Shamrock” Rowntree
Megan “Buttercup” McCourt
Kari “Paprika” Pyne
Andrew “Quartz” Smith
Anne “Quazar” Kloosterman
Natalie “Shango” Jonckheere
Brendon “Vortex” Murray
Scott “Wooly Mammoth” McGinnis
Zack “Zenith” Sandor-Kerr