Let’s Draw! Make art with Hydra at Camp Kintail

A digital drawing of a cabin on a sunny day surrounded by trees and forest animals.

Hey! It’s Hydra!

Today we’re going to practice drawing, and we have two great ways you can follow along! Find our videos on youtube to see each step brought to life, and be sure to check out the e-book for extra content and some brand new colouring pages! You are welcome to share these resources with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Drawing Tutorial Videos

You’ll find three videos on youtube! Click the thumbnail to go the video you are interested in or watch from the beginning to create a picture of your perfect day at Kintail!


What Will You Learn from the videos?

Let’s Draw Animals!

An illustration of a cabin with woodland animals and trees on a sunny day.

Get the Camp Kintail “Let’s Draw” PDF!

Download the PDF with steps for drawing all of the pictures featured in our youtube tutorials as well as bonus content! Use this guide when you follow along with the videos or pull it up for a quick reference when you’re doodling! You’ll also find two bonus colouring pages for you to print out and colour at home!

Let's Draw "Ebook" PDF

What’s in the Let’s Draw “E-book”?

You’ll find guides for all of our videos as well as bonus tips, practice exercises, and more! Learn to draw:

  • 3 Dimensional shapes
  • Sports equipment
  • Arts and Crafts supplies
  • Beach games and accessories
  • Landscape drawings

Share your art with us!

Share your work on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #KintailCreates to share your work with the Kintail community! We can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you!

Have a great day, and never stop learning!

– Hydra

Printable Art Tutorials for Kids!

A great resource for parents and teachers.

A worksheet demonstrating how to draw tropical and temperate trees.

How to Draw Trees – Free Printable Guide for Kids!