Lessons from the Garden by Pippit

For many children, veggies come from the farmers’ market, the produce section of the grocery store, or the crisper drawer in their home fridge. At Camp Kintail, they have the opportunity to learn and see that there is a bit more to the story. Camp Kintail’s large vegetable and herb garden provides an abundance of the veggies served at camp. Who knew that nutritious and tasty food can come from the leaves, stems, roots, and seeds of a variety of plants? Campers also learn that gardening is a bit of an art that takes time and patience to reap the best rewards. It’s fun to see campers’ excitement when they tour the garden and learn about how food grows and where it comes from.

Of course the preparation of the garden took a lot of work from community volunteers and camp staff. Beginning in the spring, groups of volunteers and staff work hard to prepare for the season ahead. Many hands make the work a little lighter and a lot more fun as weeding, tilling, and planting parties gather in the camp garden to prepare for the summer. Throughout the season, the camp staff spend many hours maintaining the garden, but they also reap the reward of having fresh, tasty vegetables at mealtimes. Although grabbing a snack from the crisper drawer in my fridge is a lot easier, working in the garden has been a great lesson to remind me that hard work, perseverance, and patience can lead to many good things in life.