Leaving Your Legacy at Kintail

By January 7, 2017Uncategorized

Hey everyone, Escarpment here. This year has been my fifth and likely final year working at Camp Kintail, and as such an important part of my life ends, I thought that a blog post about legacy would be appropriate.

Legacy is a word with a potentially broad meaning, but to me, it primarily means how you will be remembered by a community after you leave it. At Camp, I hope to be remembered as a hardworking, caring, dedicated, and flexible staff member. I hope to be remembered as someone who led by example, and was looked up to, as I looked up to staff who came before me. I hope to be remembered as a responsible, fun, and creative. I was not a perfect staff, but I believe that I was an admirable one. We always talk about Kintail changing lives, and though it may be a cliché, I truly believe that I have changed lives through my work at Camp. The word Escarpment now means something more to thousands of kids, parents, and other guests of Camp. I taught kids skills, encouraged them to push their boundaries, comforted them in hard times, helped them grow as people, Christians, and friends.  I also left a physical legacy at Kintail in the numerous projects I worked on, including the cabins, decks, ramps, buildings, and most important to me, the garden.

Camp has left its own legacy on my life. When I first started working at Camp, I was a surly teen with limited interpersonal skills and self confidence. Throughout my five years of staff, I almost left for numerous reasons; usually not the right ones. In retrospect, staying at Camp was the best choice of my young life. I owe much of my work ethic, physical and social skills, I learned many valuable lessons in my time at Camp Kintail, but the one that I think has impacted my legacy and who I am the most is to take pride in my work. Doing a job well is fulfilling and enjoyable, and there is an ocean of difference in quality between my work when I care about it, and when I do not. Camp showed me that if I was invested something, be it a large project or a simple task, I would feel better about doing it, and

Overall, I believe that I have left Camp Kintail a better place, and that it has left me a better person, and this is one of the things I am most proud of in my life.