Leader in Training

After two years without campers, Camp Kintail is thrilled to be offering summer camp again this year with overnight campers! We have missed your children at camp – and hope that they will return this summer to take part in the Leader in Training Program.

We have made some changes to the program to make it more accessible to busy teenagers who juggle school, work, extra-curricular activities, and family time. There are two components of the program – LITs in Community & LITs in Cabin

LITs in Community – Friday, July 1 – Sunday, July 17

The LITs will arrive at Camp Kintail at 3pm on Friday, July 1st. These two plus weeks will be fun of sessions, FLASH, adventures, learning, and fun. Together with the Resource Counsellors Digit and Tawny, the LITs will learn and grow together in community. LITs are to be picked up at 1pm on Sunday, July 17 (unless they are continuing to the first week of LITs in Cabin).

LITs in Cabin (Optional Weeks – choose 2 or more)

LITs are then able to return to camp for two sessions to spend time at camp learning from the Kintail Staff how to be a cabin counsellor or support staff member. LITs work under the supervision of a Kintail staff member and debrief daily with other LITs and their Resource Counsellors. They will also gain 30 hours of volunteer hours for every week spent in cabin.

LITs can choose from any of the sessions listed below throughout the summer. LITs are able to stay the weekend if they are participating in the next week’s cabin session, if not, they must go home at the close of the session.

K3 Sunday, July 17 – Friday, July 22
K4 Sunday, July 24 – Wednesday, July 27
K6 Tuesday, August 2 – Friday, August 5
K7 Sunday, August 7 – Friday, August 12
K8 Sunday, August 14 – Friday, August 19

Please email Theresa ([email protected]) with the week options when the LIT in your family would like to be in-cabin.

Mental Health Support

We know that the last two and a half years have been challenging for all young adults. They have spent a lot of time on screens, away from friends, and worried about the pandemic and the future. Many teens have not slept away from home for a couple of years. We know that two or more weeks at camp might be challenging. We encourage all LITs to consider what keeps them healthy – physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally – and then think about how to integrate this into camp life.

Cell Phones

For many years LITs did not bring their cell phones to camp. Although this was difficult for many, at the end of the month, many LITs remarked that they were glad for the break from technology.

It was decided five years ago that LITs could bring their phones to camp and ever since then we have been struggling to create the right balance of screen-free and screen time. As we head into this summer, our plan is this: for LITs to have their cell phones during their hour off – which is the hour after lunch from 1 to 2, before bed, and during other downtimes. The phones will be kept in the Nest during program time.

This means that the LITs are not available at all times for communication. If there is an urgent need to connect with a LIT, please call the office and we will get them right away. LITs are busy throughout the day and evening, and so even during their hour off, they may not be on their phones. This is a big change for the LITs (and to be honest – for the parents as well!). We do want them to connect with home and support, but we also want them to have face-to-face interaction with their group and leaders.

We hope that this month with fewer screens will be a wonderful experience for LITs. LITs do love snail mail and are always excited to receive a package that can be shared with the whole group.

Packing List

What to bring to camp:

▪ Appropriate clothing for both hot and cold weather

▪ Clothing that you are okay with getting messy/dirty (There will be mud!)

▪ Bedding (using sheets and blankets instead of just a sleeping bag while you are sleeping in cabin will provide for a much more comfortable sleeping experience!)

▪ Good quality masks

▪ Bible, pens and paper (for FLASH and Sessions- there will be learning!)

▪ Running shoes and sandals (with back-straps)

▪ Rain-appropriate clothing (rain jacket, etc. . . as well as a willingness to dance and sing in the rain!)

▪ toiletries

▪ flashlights

▪ a watch (note- analog watches tend to be short-lived at camp. Water-resistant digital watches with heavy-duty faces tend to last much longer. Coleman, for example, sells a reliable and fairly affordable watch out of Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire)

▪ Alarm clock

▪ several towels (one for beach & one for shower)

▪ bathing suit

▪ Pajamas

▪ Hat/Bandana

▪ Water bottle (stay hydrated, because it’ll get a little hot!)

▪ Sunscreen and sunglasses (get a tan – not a headache)

▪ Water shoes

▪ Stories/Poems for devotions and chapel (creativity is welcome!)

▪ A nice set of clothing for “dress-up dinner” (Look like a million bucks!)

▪ Laundry detergent

What not to bring:

▪ Electronics

▪ Inappropriate clothing (including: clothing with images alluding to sex, drugs, alcohol, or profanity)

▪ Bad attitude

▪ Clothing or personal effects (such as heirlooms or other special tokens) that you do not wish to be ruined


▪ Instruments (always welcome, of course!)

▪ Stamps/stationary

▪ Camera

▪ Things to make you feel at home (ex. pictures of friends and/or family)

▪ If you choose, you may bring an i-pod to listen to music quietly during down and out.

▪ You may choose to bring a cell phone that will be kept in LIT group room except during designated downtime.

Cost for the Leader in Training Program

Campership may be available. Please contact Theresa via email [email protected]

Option A

$ 1150

For 4 weeks of LIT

Cost +HST

Option B

$ 1200

For 4 weeks of LIT

 Cost +HST

Option C

$ 1350

For 4 weeks of LIT

 Cost +HST

Cost & Scholarships

In 2022 we have received additional scholarships specifically for the LIT program through the Jean Wansbrough Leadership Training Fund. Along with our LIT Harvest Campership Fund, we want to ensure every camper born in 2006 who wants to be a LIT has the opportunity! Reach out to Theresa McDonald-Lee ([email protected]) for support.

Why are there 3 prices?

Camp Kintail offers flexible pricing with 3 choices for our camp sessions. Every family can choose the level of payment that is right for their situation. Option A is the traditionally subsidized rate, Option C is the rate that is more representative of the true cost of camp, while Option B is the mid-point. We recognize that Option A is still difficult for some families to cover, and so Camperships will continue to be available for families that require assistance.

The option you select in no way affects your campers experience at Camp Kintail!

Where you’ll stay!

LIT’s at Camp Kintail stay in our newest, year round building called ‘the Nest.’ There are dormitory style rooms with air conditioning and lots of space. The washrooms are designed to be comfortable and flexible for living in community. For the first two weeks of LIT, all campers will live in this space all together. For the second two weeks, LIT’s will stay in cabin with other staff and campers as they learn more about what it means to be a leader at camp.

The Nest


Meet this years LIT RC’s!

The 2022 Leader in Training Resource Counsellors are Digit and Tawny! The young adults who join us for four weeks at Kintail this summer will receive mentorship from these two exceptional staff. They can’t wait to meet everyone!