Leader in Training Tripping at Kintail

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Hello Kintail Friends!

This summer we have been blessed to go on a total of three wonderful out-trips. In May we went on a climbing pre-trip with Axis, Guava, Orbit, and Zabrini, where we did top-rope climbing at Lions Head on the Bruce Trail and bouldered on Boulder Beach near Cypres Lake. The pre-trip was an excellent prelude to the great trips that we ould do with both out-tripping LIT groups during the summer!

In July we went for a 4 day trip to Algonquin Park. We started at Accesss Point 5 on Canoe Lake, and canoed around various lakes including Little Joe Lake, Burnt Island Lake, and Tom Thomson Lake. It was a sweet trip, and we spent a lot of time enjoying God’s beautiful creation and the wonder that is Algonquin. Some of the wildlife we saw included moose, several giant snapping turtles, and lots of loons. The LITs
became pro at portaging, and were all excellent at sterning canoes by the time we left!

Out August trip was a 4 day hike on the Bruce Trail near Tobermory. Starting at Little Cove, we stayed at Cypress Lake, Storm Haven, and High Dump before heading back to Kintail. We spent a whole morning hanging out at the Grotto, and swam in Georgian Bay at least oncea day, if not more often!

Trip is one of the best parts of camp. It provides a time to get away from all distractions, and immerse yourself fully in the wonder of creation and the great outdoors. On trip, you work twice as hard, laugh twice as often, and grow twice as strong as a group and an individual. Food tastes better, swimming makes you more refreshed, and the days seem brighter than normal. While trip at times is hard, and can be quite a challenge, coming through and completing a trip gives you a feeling of pride and satisfaction like no other. If you haven’t ever been on an
out-trip, put it on your bucket list! We were so glad to be able to have this experience and share it with all our great LITs this summer!

Much love,

Vaps and The Bat