KOTR Wrap up with Labrador

By September 1, 2014Uncategorized

KOTR at Trinity London- Fun with Chickens.


Here are two kids at Trinity Presbyterian church playing a spirited game of Chickapus, Octopus with a rubber chicken, I believe the boy being chased actually does get away.  Good times all around.

KOTR- A simple sign from Harriston


This sign, given to us from the Kintail on the Road Church in Harriston Ontario, has stood faithfully all summer long in our chapel reminding all of the campers of all the roles that Jesus can fill for them. Jesus truly is with us, a friend, a teacher, and healer and our saviour.

KOTR- Fun with Pool Noodles In St Cathrines.


This little girl loves being at Kintail on the Road in St Catherines so she has pool noodled herself to a fence with the help of these fine gentlemen. She didn’t want to leave.