Kintail Virtual Connect!

A camp kintail staff member named Piglet stands smiling by a tree wearing her bright green Camp Kintail staff t-shirt.

This summer has been so different in so many different ways. One thing that’s stayed the same is the sense of community and growth that Kintail can foster! It’s been amazing to be a part of that growth through our adapted Connect program, online FLASH sessions, and virtual Campfires. Here’s a peek at what Connect is and how it’s changed for 2020! I can’t wait to see what else the future brings for everyone here at Kintail!

– Christina “Piglet” Molenaar

What is Connect?

Kintail Connect is usually a monthly youth gathering at Camp Kintail where participants join in for fun camp activities, a delicious dinner, and FLASH (Faith Learning And SHaring)! This event was previously hosted on-site, but this year we were excited to launch it online to reach out to campers from farther afield. 

Youth join in on a Zoom call to participate in games and scripture, connect with friends both new and old, all while enjoying some time with the Kintail staff! What better way to spend an hour than with your Kintail community?

It was great seeing everyone this summer! Here’s a look back at some of our favourite games!

Can you name this Kintail Character?

He’s a great host for Titans Top 10! Click the image to find out if your memory is as sharp as Vana Delights’ jokes!


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Top 5 Popular Zoom Games:

  1. Titan’s Top Ten – best game both online and in person! *Costumes and host-persona’s encouraged.
  2. Box of Lies! – Give participants 2 minutes to find and bring the “weirdest” thing that can find in their house. Important note: KEEP IT OUT OF SIGHT FROM THE CAMERA. Participants describe their weird object, either telling the truth or lying, they can decide! Everyone else will then hold a thumbs up or thumbs down if they think the person is telling the truth or lying. The person then reveals the object!
  3. Prediction – The aim is to turn over all 52 cards without participants correctly guessing a value. Participants take turns guessing the card value before it is turned over but cannot guess the same value consecutively. 
  4. Change 3 Things – Participants briefly turn off their camera and change 3 things. When they turn their camera back on, everyone guesses what changes were made.
  5. Lock-It-In – Participants guess if the coin will land on heads or tails. Lock in your answer by making bunny ears or a bunny tail. If you are correct, you make it to the next round until 1 person wins or everyone is eliminated!