Kintail Scholarship Winners Announced!

By October 8, 2013Staff

And the Winners Are…

They lead games and sing songs – they play guitars – they run – they swim – they dance – they canoe – they sit still – they supervise – they remind – they discipline – they explain – they comfort – they look out – they do dishes and scrub toilets, and they make it fun – they crawl under beds looking for shoes and hats – they pray, teach, and praise – they share – they learn – they bond – they plan and organize – they create – they take initiative – they take care – they take it in stride.  They do it with energy and love and faith and dedication and responsibility.  And at the end of the summer, they are exhausted.

Thank-you 2013 Camp Kintail Staff!

The Camp Kintail Board initiated a new scholarship program this year to encourage, recognize and celebrate our hard-working summer staff.  Post-secondary students who have served three or more summers at Kintail are eligible to apply.

We’re pleased to announce this year’s winners:

Holly “Zucchini” Boyne

Sarah “Zabrini” Boyne

Kelsey “Nile” Espensen

Aaron “Talus” Holden

Congratulations, and thank-you for your significant contribution to this ministry!

The Board also extends its sincere appreciation and thanks to the individuals and groups that made this initiative possible through $ 1,000.00 in donations in this first year of the program!