Kintail Scavenger Hunt 17

By March 17, 2011Contest

Today is another in our series of Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenges. Each week we will post a series of photos from around Camp Kintail. Once you have identified the location, post your answers in the comments. If you have a fun story about the location or item please share it with us. Good Luck.

Hunt 042
Hunt 040
Hunt 038
Hunt 015
Hunt 016

Answers from last week:
1) Tir-Na-Nog fire pit
2) The lodge wall
3) The bluff
4) The cabin signs
5) The Kitchen floor

One Comment

  • Lauren Fulton says:

    1) the rope to get up and down the steep hill on the hike to the overnight site
    2) the stream that runs through the overnight site
    3) the overnight site (am i sensing a pattern here)
    4) stump on cabin hill
    5) hmmm, a low rope, pirates crossing?