Kintail Scavenger Hunt 11

By February 3, 2011Contest

Today is another in our series of Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenges. Each week we will post a series of photos from around Camp Kintail. Once you have identified the location, post your answers in the comments. If you have a fun story about the location or item please share it with us.  Good Luck.

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Hunt 083

Hunt 095

Hunt 085

Answers from last week:
1) The beach hut
2) The view at the end of the lane
3) The paths by the Lodge
4) Blue Haven back door
5) The Glen

One Comment

  • Sarah Donohue (Splash) says:

    I’m only going to comment on number 5.
    It is the ladder coming out of the LIT Loft on the front of the Rec Hall.
    On the last night of our LIT month, The July LITs of 1999 decided to sleep in the LIT Loft. At around 2:30-3am in the morning we decided it would be a good idea to sneak out of the Loft to go swimming. (Sorry Polaris and Sage, now in my infinite wisdom I realize this was un-safe! Also, to note, there were two abstainers- Orca and Ripple who obviously realized that this wasn’t the best of ideas)
    Moose and I decided it would be awesome if we snuck out that door and down that ladder…because really…it wouldn’t be obvious AT ALL to see two people scaling down the wall of the Rec Hall instead of sneaking out of the door.
    Good times!