Kintail Scavenger Hunt 1

By November 25, 2010Contest

Today is our first in a series of Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge.  Each week we will post a series of photos from around Camp Kintail. Once you have identified the location, post your answers in the comments.  If you have a fun story about the location or item please share it with us. Good Luck.

Hunt 003

Hunt 157

Hunt 153

Hunt 116

Hunt 165

Photos by Brenden “Dune” Sherratt


  • Dune says:

    Good luck everyone!

  • Ocelot says:

    1) Pine Cabin
    2) End of the lane
    3) Hill washrooms
    4) LIT death trap – one time when Wooly was running to the beach he broke not 1 but 2 of the stairs. I also think Quasar had some epic spills there in 2005.
    5) Da rock wall

  • Quasar says:

    hahaha it’s true. What stairs didn’t I fall down in 2005?
    Do I get bonus points for knowing that Kowari painted the Unicorn?