Kintail Projects for 2021!

By February 15, 2022Uncategorized

Every year the camp strives to improve it’s amenities for guests, campers, and staff. Here are some of the big projects we completed in 2021!

Feathers Renovation

Feathers cottage has seen many updates and repairs since the foundation was first laid in 1996. Last year, it got a major upgrade! The washroom was made accessible with a new tiled shower! All the floors where re-done, cabinets were updated, and a fresh coat of paint helped make this building feel fresh and modern. Our nurses who stay in Feathers over the summer and rental guests will be sure to appreciate the new look!

Flagstone on the floor in front of a fireplace where a man works to reface the stone.

Re-facing the Fireplace at MacDonald Lodge

A Kintail focal point, the fireplace was long over-due for some work. The bricks had begun to crack and now the fireplace at MacDonald lodge sports an organic stone look that matches the flagstone throughout the site. There’s even a new live-edge mantle milled from a Kintail tree! A huge thank you to Bill Young for his artistic eye and masonry with this project.

Chapel  and Beach Accessibility

Accessibility is always a priority, and this year the steep hill beside Harmony House leading down to the chapel was excavated to make the slope more gradual, helping folks get to worship and the beach! Flagstone was laid from the end of the lane all the way down to the chapel and branching to the Rec. Hall allowing for easier travel compared to mulch or grass pathways. This change was made possible thanks to the generous donations received in loving memory of Andrew Church. A commemorative swing set was also built overlooking the chapel beside the new pathway.

Lane Widened

This project has been in the works for a number of years and we’re beyond excited to have a lane that allows for vehicles to enter and exit more safely! This will certainly be appreciated on drop-off/ pick-up days at the camp and will help keep the lane open and well-maintained in the winter months!

Fences and Signs

If you’ve been to Kintail, you know the importance of not parking on the grass or even walking on it if the weather’s been poor! We added more fences to guide vehicles and there are more beautiful signs that Piglet has painted to help direct guests and campers!

Covered Patio Extending the Dining Hall at MacDonald Lodge

Guests for a Weekend Away and Sunday Supper have been able to enjoy our beautiful covered patio! This space has been incredibly helpful and was built just in time for a summer of rainy weddings, social distancing, and outdoor dining. This will be a great way to keep campers out of the sun and make the dining hall feel a little more spacious during meal-times over the summer!

Blue skies, green grass, tables with red umbrellas and the covered patio at MacDonald Lodge.

MacDonald Lodge Floor Resurfaced

Over the years the lodge has seen many changes. Walls have been moved, rooms removed, doors expanded and so much more! This left an interesting patchwork of colours and textures in the concrete. Now, the lodge has been completely resurfaced with a durable, stain-resistant epoxy! This will be easier to maintain and will make sweeping and mopping quicker and more fun! Such a big and exciting change!

A slingshot range covered in snow

Slingshot Range

With the help of Bruce “Coyote” Howard, the Kintail slingshot range got quite the upgrade! New saloons, updated targets, and a place for Old Man Kintail himself to kick back, relax, and test his aim! A fun improvement to an excellent program area for campers! Thanks Coyote!

What’s the change you noticed the most on your last visit? Be sure to come to Kintail this spring and see all of these changes for yourself (and hopefully a few more from the 2022 to-do list)!