By July 26, 2010Kintail On The Road

Hello there Kintailers!

This week Puffin, Quail and I had the pleasure to be able to bring Kintail camping to the kids at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Thornbury!  We had an amazing week full of songs, dancing, arts and crafts, and TONS of ENERGY!  Every child at camp made our week special and we hope we did the same for them!

Some of the highlights of the week was our day of water games on Wednesday afternoon, where we played Splash!, Drip Drip Drop, and so much more!  On Friday afternoon, we played the classic camp game, Capture the Flag, as well as showed the parents a lot of the songs and dances we learned during the week!

One of the most amazing parts of the week was the generous nature of all the children and families at St. Paul’s!  We spent the week talking about friendship and giving, and the children decided to raise money for an organization in Malawi called Open Arms.  This organization helps to provide orphans in Malawi with happier, healthier living.   Together we raised $583.46 for the organization and I thank God for everyone’s generous giving to this cause.

We had an amazing week and are so thankful for all the volunteers at St. Paul’s, for Rev. Peggy Kipfer, and for the Reinders family for hosting us this week!  Without friends like this, Kintail on the Road could not happen!

We hope to be able to come to St. Paul’s again, and maybe see some of these campers at Kintail next summer!

-Alison “Algae” Podio