By July 17, 2010Kintail On The Road

Well, Hello Friends,
This week, Me, Laura “Monsoon” and Karis “Beluga”, drove, sang and danced our way down to St. Catharines to run another week for the Scottlea and St. Giles Presbyterian congregation. The week was full of fun and laughter as we played soccer, capture the flag and mastered the “cutting of your hand” string trick. The week was full of campers reaching an amazing 47 on it’s peak day and staying pretty well even for the rest of the week. The campers were so full of energy and excitement for the program and games we ran, constantly pumped for the next activity and constantly ready to play. Our groups were the stylish sidekicks, the mild-mannered alter-egos and the savvy superheroes as well as a host of volunteers who helped wherever was needed and kept amazing snacks and lunches coming all week. We want to thank them so much for help keep things calm, safe and happy all week. This week we also had a guest assistant in the form of Cirrus, a previous staff member from the Niagara area. She joined us Thursday to volunteer and gave the three of us a new burst of energy for the rest of the week. While in town, we were also billeted with a wonderful couple, Elva and Jim Wright, who took us in for the week, kept us well fed and made us feel at home. This week was such an amazing experience, I can hardly believe it’s over, but I can’t wait for next week’s Kintail on the Road…Meaford Edition!

Miriam “Oyster” Smit