By August 24, 2010Kintail On The Road

Good Day, Kintail Blog Readers!!

Long time no talk! Monsoon here, ready to blog once again about Kintail on the Road; Seaforth Edition!
We were back in action two weeks ago with Bible Hero Training Camp. We had 23 wonderful and enthusiastic campers this week, and by my side were Magma, Ozone, Flow and Ficus.  We had an epic time, making guitars, singing about bubble gum, playing with parachutes and enjoying a plethora of games. We thoroughly enjoyed our superhero dress up day and ended our week with a hard core game of capture the flag. A big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. You were awesome and we couldn’t have done it without you!
Tune in next week for another Goderich Edition of KotR… with a twist!