By July 11, 2010Kintail On The Road

Hey, all!

Major Monsoon here. This summer I am out on the road, sharing the love of Kintail amongst various churches.
This week St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Molesworth hosted one of Kintail’s first ever “Kintail on the Road”s.
Throughout the week the campers attended Bible Hero Training camp, where they learned super life skills of being welcoming, being a friend, giving, rejoicing, and sharing the good word.
Captain Quasar, Rookie Rue and our special guest, Sunny, traveled with me, and along with our camper groups, The Marvelous Musketeers, The Christ Crusaders and The Righteous Rangers, we had a most excellent time.  We played lots of Duck Duck Goose, Capture the Flag and water games, as well as has the opportunity to partake in sessions of Music and Drama, Nature,  Adventure and Arts and Crafts.

On behalf of Camp Kintail I would like to thank Lynn Johnson for helping to organize Kintail on the Road: Molesworth Edition, and to all the volunteers who helped us throughout the week.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Stay tuned next week for another adventure, St. Catharine’s & Stratford Edition!