By July 27, 2010Kintail On The Road

Hello, Kintail on the Road fans!
Here is yet another update in the KotR world – Meaford Edition!

Last week our two KotR teams had the wonderful opportunity of staying
with the Reinders family to run our VBS in both Thornbury, and of course,
Meaford. The week was yet again full of Bible Heroes spreading the good word!

Oyster, Plasma and I had a ball playing games with The A-Men, The Super Friends
and The Fantastic Fours. Good times were had by all as we explored the world of Nature
Jeopardy, went on hobbit hunts, made many crafts and did much, much more. The weather
held out for us (from what I hear, we were much luckier than the staff back on site!), and
the country air did us all some good.

A special thanks to Knox Presbyterian and to all the volunteers who helped us out.
We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you also to the Reinders for being such wonderful
hosts, and to Guava and Forest for renting out their beds!

For now – KotR is on pause, but I am looking forward to hitting up the road again soon!

Much love,