By August 26, 2010Kintail On The Road

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Kintail followers!
Once again, it’s Monsoon here, back at it and more excited than ever!
Last week marked our first ever Eco Week for Kintail on the Road, hosted by Knox Goderich. Eco Week encompassed a week full of learning about animals, plants, and our world in general. Every day featured a word of the day: Sustainability, biodiversity, conservation, simplicity and stewardship.

Myself and Flounder took on the older group, otherwise known as the Funky Chickens. Throughout the week we did many activities such as have an egg drop challenge, make solar system mobiles and train to be ninjas.

Oyster and Armadillo looked after our younger campers, aka The Awesome Animals. They had a great time hunting for hobbits, taking nature naps and playing quite a bit of dance freeze.

As a group, we had a phenomenal week, with water games, survival games, lots of bracelet making and lots of fun. A special thank you to Mary Jane, aka Chipmunk, and all of the other volunteers who helped out! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Well… the Goderich Edition is now over til next year… one more camp to go….
God bless!