Kintail on the Road: Exeter Edition

By September 13, 2010Kintail On The Road

   This week was a great final week to our Kintail on the Road Program, It was also the second week of our Eco Week, with Mother Nature and Pollution Pete fighting over the fate of the world and the fate of our Influential Youth. In the end, a little lesson from the Living Faith cleared up stewardship of the planet and the environment for everyone, including Pollution Pete, who is now Preservation Pete.

In between the morning message and going home our two groups, the Redwoods and Sprouts, had a lot of fun learning about the natural world around them. We had a lot of time in the park across from the church; making forts, breaking eggs, searching for Hobbits and just generally observing the animal life around us. On our final day, a blue heron flew right beside our group and landed right in front of us, it was a great experience of nature I will never forget. We would like to thank our amazing volunteers, not to mention our LIT’s that were there everyday. Additionally, we had a shadow from the Kintail LIT program and we would like to thank Terra for her help on Thursday and her great zebra impersonation. Finally, we would like to thank Dorothy Henderson and Caven Presbyterian Church Exeter for supporting our program so enthusiastically and having such faith in us as leaders.

So, with that we finish our summer of Kintail on the Road and in ending we look forward to next year. Remeber, if your church is at all interested in this program, feel free to contact Theresa at the camp office about next year.

God Bless, Miriam “Oyster” Smit