Kintail On The Road by Snowdrop

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Hello from KOTR Elmira!

Monday was our first day at Gale Presbyterian Church and it was awesome! We started the morning with chapel where we met Dr. Do-Too-Much and her assistant Andy the Assistant. All Things New is the theme for the week and New Creation is what we learned about. Next we did Adventure where we played some cool parachute games. The campers had a lot of fun playing the cat and mouse game as well as making waves with the parachute. After Adventure we did FLASH (Faith, Learning and Sharing) where we heard the creation story and learned about God’s Creation. Mission was our next session where we learned about how life is different in Malawi. For primetime we played “Put the World Back Together”. That game involved finding the hidden continents and putting them together like a puzzle.  The day was concluded with campfire. We sang one of my favourite campfire songs Forty Years on an Iceberg.  Some other songs we also sang were 1,2,3 Jesus Loves Me, Making Melodies, Princess Pat and ended with Goodbye My Friends.  Today was a wonderful day and I’m looking forward to a great week at Kintail on the Road Elmira!

Taking Kintail on the road,