Kintail on the Road Booking Form and Contract

This form allows Camp Kintail to collect the required information to program a fantastic program for your youth and outlines the responsibilities of the church in making sure the Kintail on the Road program is a success

  • Church Information:

  • Preferred Dates:

    Please choose a first and second choice of dates for your Kintail on the Road program. The date you choose should be the Monday of the week that you would like the program

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

  • Further Information

  • (Example: Women’s Night, Youth Night)
  • Have you ever had a VBS before? If yes, please provide an idea of the program, attendance, etc
  • What is your goal for Kintail on the Road? (Example: evangelism, outreach with children in the community, strengthening congregation’s Christian education program)
  • Is there an area of leadership that a volunteer from the congregation would like to take on?
  • Kintail on the Road – Camp Kintail and Church Agreement

  • As dedicated members of the body of Christ, Camp Kintail and the congregation partner together with the purpose of providing opportunities for children and youth to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ by leading a “Kintail On The Road” program on the agreed week.

    We at Camp Kintail agree to facilitate the Kintail On The Road program by:

    • Providing camp staff who are caring, committed and trained and who have had a police records check.
    • Working with the congregation to plan any special outings and to train congregational volunteers.
    • Supplying transportation for the camp staff.
    • Assuming final planning and decision making responsibility for the Kintail On The Road program. (Kintail On The Road Team Leader is designated to be in charge.)
    • Being open to input from the congregational volunteers so to best serve the needs of the local church.

    • Ensuring that safety is of primary importance and being familiar with the congregation’s emergency procedures.
    • Providing all programming, material, curriculum, and themes for the week.

    We the congregation agree to host the Kintail On The Road program by:

    • Ensuring there is an appropriate facility available that has access to a park or field, telephone, bathrooms and running water.
    • Providing volunteers who will assist with registration, snack and leadership with the campers.
    • Ensuring that the Congregational Co-ordinator has read the entire KOTR manual.
    • Ensuring that all volunteers have read the expectations of Kintail On The Road Volunters.
    • Arranging for any food or drink for the campers and being aware of any allergies.
    • Following Camp Kintail’s Leading With Care policy (1 adult: 6 children ratios etc.) and insuring the Kintail On The Road program under the congregation’s insurance policy.
    • Hosting (if needed) the camp staff during the week of the camp, providing meals and suitable accommodations.
    • Submitting a deposit by February 1, 2019 and the balance in the week following the program.
    • Incorporating the program into the overall ministry of the congregation and finding ways to continue to reach out to the children in your community.

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY