Kintail On The Road by Lobster

Being given the opportunity to bring the magic of Camp Kintail into outside communities is something that I have truly enjoyed experiencing during my time at camp. Kintail on the Road (KOTR) is a weeklong day camp program that is run out of churches in Southwestern Ontario and facilitated by Camp Kintail staff. We get the chance to bring the camp community and love even further outside of camp. Just like at camp we run sessions such as Nature, Adventure, Music and Drama, and Arts and Crafts. My favourite part is being able to bring the FLASH curriculum to children who wouldn’t have been able to hear those bible stories or have those important conversations otherwise. From the Courage to Show Up to the Courage to Change, there are so many amazing things to be gained from the FLASH programming. The most comforting thing is having this experience to tell you that camp isn’t just a place, it is a feeling that can be created anywhere with the right people.