Kintail Milk Bags

By September 26, 2015Uncategorized

Milk bags from Camp Kintail are helping others! Since April of this year, the kitchen staff at Camp have been saving many milk bags to help others. We have lost count of just how many we have rescued but here is a peek at some of them and what will happen.

These washable, bug resistant pads are sent overseas to disaster areas and refugee camps for children to sleep on. Sometimes 3 children sleep on one pad (2m by 1m) it takes almost 400 bags to make one pad.

There are about 322,000 dairy cows in Ontario, averaging 60 cows per dairy farm. The typical dairy cow will produce 30 litres of milk from two daily milkings.

Camp has ordered and used over 156 cases of milk working out to just over 2500 litres. So it would take one cow almost 84 days to produce enough milk for everyone who had milk at camp!

Lisa “Peppermint” Molenaar