Kintail Garden Canning

By April 25, 2017Uncategorized

Hey everyone, Escarpment here. Most people probably know that we eat lots of fresh produce from the garden frequently at camp, but some people may not know that this year, we’ve also preserved several products from the garden. Guava, Orbit, and I worked hard during K8 to make and preserve salsa, garlic-jalapeno oil, and a variety of pickled vegetables, all made with exclusively Kintail grown vegetables. We combined four varieties of fire grilled tomatoes, red and white onions, red and green bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers to make sweet and tangy salsa in both mild and hot flavours. Earlier in the summer, Guava pickled beans, which was quite a success, so we tried pickling a variety of vegetables, including pearl onions, cucumbers, different types of beans, and baby corn. We also send nearly all of the beets in the garden to be pickled at Mercury’s parents’ farm, where they have a proper canning machine to allow them to pickle the large quantities of beets. My personal favourite preserve was our garlic-jalapeno oil, which was made with high quality olive oil. I’m a lover of spicy foods, and because of the hot, dry summer, the garden’s jalapenos were extremely strong this year. The oil will be an awesome base for any spicy dish; personally, I hope to use my own for stir fries and cactus cut potatoes. Overall, learning the pickling and canning processes has been very educational, and its yet another in the long list of skills that I have learned at camp.