Kintail Express – We are off to see the wizard!

By November 18, 2011Uncategorized

Hello, this is Nile coming to you from inside the craft cubby. I know you are probably wondering why I would choose to sit on the floor of the cubby rather than at a desk, and I too would have asked the same question at the beginning of the summer. But now as the weeks have passed and the cubby has been put to use I feel it is my home away from home. This past week, Kintail Express has allowed my bond with it to grow
even more as it was often bustling with activity, as the preparations for our upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz were underway. But don’t let me fool you; the cubby was not the only place that was full of energy. We had dancers in the Rec hall, percussion in the Celebration
Tree Garden, guitar in Kaitlin’s Gazebo, vocals in McKay hall, drama in the Chapel, and painting on Harmony House Porch and costume design on McKay Hall Porch. Though we were spread out across camp, at the end of the week we all came together to put on a spectacular production. Not only was Dorothy able to find her way back to Kansas, but each and every single camper had a hand in making it happen!