Kintail Express by Parakeet

Express camp was one of my favourite parts of the summer! It was a very busy time preparing for the musical Godspell that we were going to put on after the week was over! The children chose what majors and minors they wanted to do. The majors are sessions that go along with Godspell and minors are just fun things that the kids can do during the week. For the majors the kids choose from vocal, drama, dance, instrumental or costume and set. All of these help towards the performance! The minors were vocal, dance, instrumental, Art Attack, sketching, and construction with art. All of the majors ran very smoothly and everybody chose something that they wanted to do! I was very pleased with how everything turned out and I must say it made me very proud of all the campers and staff who helped put the performance together! Well done everybody! For Major Vocal we did 2 songs from Godspell. At the beginning, we sang “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” and “Light of the World.”

During Minors the campers also got to choose what they wanted to do. For vocal I got the kids to choose what song they wanted to sing at skit night that would be fun too! They chose the song “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen, and they all just had a blast. Dance and instrumental also performed at skit night and it was also very well done! During construction with art they painted birdhouses, and painted a door for the new door in the woods. The kids had a great time doing these things. Art Attack was a fun thing for the kids to experience because they got to do art but with different objects. They did projects that many had ever done before which was pretty neat for the kids! On top of all of these things, we enjoyed lots of campfires, swimming, rockwall, high ropes and canoeing.

At the end of the production we all sang “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” together to end it off! Overall Express camp went extremely well… way to go everyone!

~ Parakeet