Kintail Contractor – Stallion by Duku

By December 29, 2013Uncategorized

Hey friends, Duku here,  during the spring and through the summer we have had some major building projects,  the hill washroom were renovated, the beach ramp and deck were built, the Rec Hall floor redone and the new deck on the back of Mckay Hall.  Through all this we had a contractor putting in an amazing amount of time, Bill Young or Stallion as our staff have begun to call him is a contractor from Monkton, ON.  He is the father of two of our staff members Anita “Moringa” Young and Catherine “Liatris” Young, and Bill is now a big part of our Camp Kintail community.  I have been very privileged to work with Bill this year and without him wouldn’t have learned nearly as much as I did and we probably couldn’t have gotten any of the projects done.  Bill always has something funny to say and makes working much more enjoyable when he’s around,  Big shout out to Stallion!

Mitchell “Duku” Uniac