Kintail Connections

By February 19, 2008Uncategorized

One of the best things about camp is the Kintail connection that joins us, even years after we attended a week of summer camp or spent a summer on staff. Recently, I had two neat connections with past staff that happened randomly. On Saturday, February 9th, the counselling staff applicants met at New St. James Presbyterian Church in London for a program day and interviews. While we were getting our boots and coats off, a group came in to the church to hang up posters for a local theatre group. One of the group members was Fraser Allen, a former Kintail staff member and camper. And then this past Saturday, my family was in Mountain Equipment Co-op in Toronto, and we bumped into Tyler and Jesse Ledger, two former staff members.

What are your best Kintail connection stories? If you would like, leave a story in the comments below.