Keeping the Connection

By January 23, 2020Uncategorized
A photo of staff members Hydra, Piglet, Flame, and Beebalm standing together on a rock smiling with the mountainous landscape of Laurel Ridge in the background.

Piglet here — your 2020 Camp Kintail Assistant Director! I’ve recently returned from Program Connection hosted by Laurel Ridge in North Carolina. Program Connection has been a great opportunity to learn from other camp professionals and bring ideas back to our site. So what are the top take-aways I gained from this experience?


In our sessions we discussed the programming, events, and retreats provided by each camp.  Some of Kintail’s most popular retreats are our Crafter Retreat, Junior High Retreat, and Senior High Retreat. While other camps host similar activities, some of their popular ones take place around the holidays. Keep your eyes open — perhaps Kintail will be bringing some more tricks and treats this upcoming season!

Staff Training

Have you applied to work at Camp Kintail this summer? If not — apply now! With fresh ideas from Program Connection, Camp Kintail staff should come prepared for an energetic training period where relationships will be built and in-depth resources will be shared! Staff will be ready to provide both themselves and their campers with an unforgettable summer experience!


Program Connection is a week long experience to learn and grow from one another, but ultimately reflects a week of summer camp. We worship, sing, have sessions, play games, eat great meals, and do devotions each day with one another. Although we are constantly sharing resources and ideas to bring back to our own sites, we are building relationships. Program Connection has been an unforgettable experience as not only do I have great ideas for this upcoming season, but I have a new support system too!

So what’s next?

I have had the honour and joy of learning from people and gaining insight on how other camps operate. I am excited to bring back and share their ideas, tips, and strategies with Camp Kintail. The key component all camps have in common is inclusivity. Everyone is welcome at God’s table. As they say in the south, y’all means all! In the seasons ahead, perhaps you’ll see some changes as we continue to build a safe space to grow together. Can’t wait to see you this summer!