Kayaking with Dorsal

By August 23, 2013Uncategorized

Hi everyone!
Hope you’re all enjoying the last bit of summer, I know I’m trying to soak up all the camp magic I can before I leave for school next week. The weather here at camp on Thursday was slightly gloomy with huge waves down at the water, but that didn’t stop the Tamarack cabin from kayaking today during watercraft. Instead of just going kayaking we did one of my favourite waterfront activities from when I was a camper– kayak challenge. Kayak challenge is when you tape a balloon to the back of your boat and tape forks to both ends of your paddle. The goal is to pop everyone else’s balloon and be the last man standing. The waves made the game a little more difficult, but the boys still had lots of fun, despite multiple tips.
Wishing you a wonderful last week of summer,
Kelly “Dorsal” MacIsaac