K7 Wrap-Up

By August 11, 2009Uncategorized

After the Civic Holiday, Kintail hosts Day Camp for four days. It is a high energy camp with lots of campers from Goderich, Kintail, Lucknow, and cottages down the beach. Campers arrive each morning at 9:30 and leave at 4:30 and run for the entire time! Campers participate in all the camp activities, play a primetime game, have free swim, learn in FLASH (Faith, Learning, and Sharing), and enjoy everything Kintail has to offer. Campers learned how to build fires safely with Vapour in Camp Crafts.

Campers try out the adventure elements. This cabin is working on the zigzag.

Arts & Crafts with Dune is always popular.

One of the challenges for the campers this week was to build something to keep their egg safe when it is dropped from a height. This cabin named their egg “Tapanga” and kept her safe when she was dropped.

At the end of every day, the whole camp would gather around the flagpole for singing.

Eleckra and Gazelle with some campers.

Kamani is now a staff member, but she came to Day Camp for many years as a camper.

Doing all the actions for the song “Arustasha.”

We close our singing the same way each day, with the song “Good-bye, My Friends.”

Many of the campers arrive at Kintail on the buses supplied by Knox, Goderich. Thank you Knox for your generosity for providing the buses for all the children from Goderich!