K4 Express Camp 2013 Major Groups

By July 22, 2013Uncategorized

Among many awesome camps at Kintail this week is our annual Express Camp with a special focus on Music and the Arts. Campers this week have chosen a Major and a Minor session to participate in. The minor sessions work towards a presentation at “Kintail Players” – Skit Night, on Thursday night, and the Majors work towards a camp-wide production of Mary Poppins, a performance put on by the campers Saturday morning at 10:15 in the Chapel! There is a lot of exciting learning and expression in these focused sessions, and the staff and campers develop a strong bond from working together in small groups!

Here are the Major Groups for K4 Express 2013:


In Dance campers learn a choreographed dance to be performed in the production! This year the campers are learning a dance to “Step In Time” and they are really excited to show you what they will achieve!


In drama the campers learn an abridged version of the production, which this year is Mary Poppins! They take turns playing the roles and they work hard to memorize their lines and learn how to act together!

Costume/Set Design

Costume and Set design is very important because they design and build/create all the set pieces, costumes and props for the production! Look forward to seeing how they put our version of Mary Poppins onto the stage!


The instrumental group work on a piece of music from the production to put on live during the show! This year they are learning to perform “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” on a variety of instruments!


The vocal group is learning to sing “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and will be performing it alongside the Instrumental group!

As you can see it will be a busy but amazing week! Don’t forget to stay tuned in to both our Facebook Page and our Twitter, and check our Album “K4 2013” regularly for photos throughout the week!

– Crash