K1 Wrap Up by Cumulus

By July 9, 2012Uncategorized


Last week was a crazy week here at Camp Kintail! From meeting the Kintailympic team our first night, getting away from Nerdy Ned and his minions to retrieve the stolen Olympic Rings, to the backwards day we had Thursday to retrace our steps and find lost equipment, it has truly been exciting around here.

As you can probably tell, this week was all about sports and the Olympic games. Campers chose major sport groups, to be done twice a day, and minor sport groups, done once a day, in which to participate. There were options such as soccer, watersports, rockwall, archery, zumba and many more.

When Backwards Day came around, we did everything in a regular day except in reverse order. Starting the day off with campfire, we sang every song in our repertoire backwards and then proceeded onto dinner. Playing primetime in the morning instead of at 7 pm was quite the change; everyone had so much energy to play. Our cook Peppermint finished off the day perfectly when we had french toast in the evening in place of supper.

Yesterday the entire camp met up after lunch to compete in the Kintailympics for the athletes, as they had not yet found their equipment. Despite Nerdy Ned’s efforts the event went over quite smoothly. We spent the afternoon at the beach playing various water games in the hot weather, and ending with a giant free swim in the water to cool off.

All in all it was an awesome week, and I was so happy to be right in the middle of things.