K1 – Earthseekers

By July 2, 2009Uncategorized

Our first camps of the summer are now in session! We welcomed five different programs this week, K1 – Earthseekers, K1S – Sojourners, K1V – Volunteers of Kintail, K1C – Canoe Seekers, and KLIT1 – Out-tripping Leader in Training. It has been raining every day – but our counsellors and staff have been making the best of it and everyone is still having a great time.
When there is rain – there are always rainbows!

Ocelot, Wombat, Sonic, and David (an LIT) enjoying the rainbow.

Monsoon lead a music parade this morning with the Earthseekers campers. They made music all around the camp and entertained everyone at MacDonald Lodge.