K1 by Marine

By July 4, 2012Uncategorized

Hi Friends!

It’s currently the first week-long camp of the summer, and it’s been a great way to start off so far! Everything has gone so smoothly and perfectly, that I can only assume God has been at work here. As I am writing this at my desk, I can hear our youngest girl’s cabin, Evergreen, running through a sprinkler outside the lodge, so now the sounds of little girls’ laughter fills the halls. We had a good rain during the night, which has given the campers who are playing sports a relief from the hot summer days, but it also stopped in time so we can still stay outdoors. All of our counsellors and program staff are also doing a fantastic job right off the bat, and it’s great to see such a dedicated and enthusiastic team here. Ahhh, what a peaceful, fun, and exciting first week at camp with beautiful weather…all I can say is “Thank you God!”

With sincere happiness,

Alana “Marine the Office Lady” Henrich