Job of a Lifetime by Monsoon

By July 15, 2016Uncategorized

Hey there!

I was a camp counselor 2006-2007, MAD Director 2008-2009 and did Kintail on the Road in 2010.

Currently, life has me all over the place. I work as a freelance lighting designer and technician mostly in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region… but also in Grand Bend, Cambridge, Toronto, Stratford, across Canada… basically wherever a job takes me!

One of my random jobs is a Trip Leader with a tour group called S-Trip, under the head company I Love Travel. This is an extremely casual job – I have only done two trips with them. I just spent last week in the Dominican Republic for a grade twelve grad trip.  They don’t pay much, but they pay for all your travel, food and accommodations. My job was to make sure students got to and from places safely, to join them on excursions, to help execute activities and dances parties, and to just overall make sure they were having a safe and fun time.

…. sound like any other job you know?

The reason I wanted to share about this job is because I can’t emphasize how much having a camp background helped me this past week. Most people with I Love Travel do this in addition to another job they have. There were so many diverse backgrounds among the Trip Leaders. Other staff members kept commenting on how they loved my energy… they loved that I took initiative and stepped up when I needed to. They loved that I could respond to tough situations and that I could really connect with the students.

I attribute most of this to my years spent at Kintail.  I don’t know if I could have done this job without the experience I gained at Kintail. I really felt like I was just spending a week at camp (but in the Dominican!). I also came home with no voice, smelling gross and now have many new friends on Facebook.

I highly encourage current and past staff members to check out this company!  It may just be your (second favourite!) Job of a Lifetime!

Lots of Love and Good Vibes Only!