It’s Christmas for Kintail! Check Out Our Wishlist

By November 27, 2020Uncategorized
A decorated Christmas tree is in the foreground with MacDonald Lodge dining hall in the background.

It’s getting to be that time of year- Christmas is approaching! After a year like this one, looking forward to Christmas feels extra exciting! We did some thinking, and we thought during this season of giving, it would be awesome to give our Kintail community a chance to support us in a new way- by gifting us some things on our list of needs!

We saw that some other camps had started an online wishlist (kind of a like a gift registry), and thought it might be a fun and tangible way for people to show camp some love this year. We have a long (and growing) list, with a variety of items and price points, so folks can choose something in their budget. We have everything from sunscreen, to new gaga balls, to a leaf blower! The diversity reflects the wide range of things that go on at camp: maintenance, hospitality, health and safety, office work and of course various summer camp program areas! All are important, no gift is too small!

*Note: If you know you can get an item on the list from a local store or small business in your hometown, we encourage you to do so! We chose this method because it is an easy way to show folks the exact items that we want and need (I.e. a specific model of leafblower)!

You’ll notice that under each item, there’s a place that indicates how many of that item we are hoping to get. So don’t be worried that someone will take your item, since in many cases we could use more than one!

We’ll put each gift under our tree, and every week you can tune in for a live gift-opening on facebook and instagram where we’ll unbox our packages and thank our generous gift-givers!

Thanks so much for thinking of us this Christmas! We can’t wait to open our presents! ♥

Three Camp Kintail bunnies are held up in front of a Christmas tree.