It’s A Small Camp World: Kintail in North Carolina

Last summer we hosted an incredible group of Presbyterian young people from South Carolina.  Their leader Rodney is pictured above.  He was recently spotted by Joel Winchip, Executive Director of the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association at the Annual Recreation Worshop at Montreat Conference Centre

If you spot someone wearing a piece of Kintail clothing far from Camp, or doing something awesome close to home in a Kintail shirt – take a picture and send it to us.  We would love to highlight our campers, retreat guests, staff, volunteers, and alumni doing the great things they do and travelling around the world.  Camp gives us the confidence to do lots of great things, here is a chance to let others know the difference camp made to you and the difference you are making to the world. 

Just email any pictures of yourself or a fellow Kintailer to [email protected] .