Introducing the 2013 Program Staff

By February 12, 2013Staff

Head Counsellor – Ethan “Bacon” Brown

Home Church – Calvin Presbyterian Church (Kitchener)

Home Town – Baden, Ontario

Education –Business – Marketing, Conestoga College (finishing 1st year)

– Personal Support worker, Conestoga College (2012)

Positions at Camp Kintail – Specialty Director, Outdoor Adventure Director, Counsellor, and Head Counsellor

Ethan “Bacon” Brown will be 22 years old in the coming summer. He is employed by Extend-a-Family (Kitchener), where he has worked with children and young adults with intellectual disabilities for the past 4 years. He is currently enrolled in his second semester of Business – Marketing at Conestoga College. This will be Ethan’s 16th summer coming to Camp Kintail and his 6th on staff. Last summer Ethan found a new love for gardening at camp, but other favorite past times are disc golf, beach volleyball and playing cards in Glenview. He comes back every summer because he loves working with children, learning new things and challenging himself. Ethan is pumped to come back this summer as head counsellor for the second time, and start prepping and planting the garden.

Program Director – Kelsey “Nile” Espensen

Home Church: North Mornington Presbyterian, North Mornington

School: Broadcast Television, Conestoga College

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my 5th summer working at Camp Kintail (Oh my goodness I get a tree!). In the past summers I have been a counselor, Arts & Crafts Director and a Resource Program Staff.

Interests: I have a wide variety of interests, from reading to making short films to crafts to hockey/badminton to cats. I am also a very big fan of travel and am always planning my next adventure.

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: I am so excited for all of the different themes of the summer! Dressing up as different characters, having exciting themed meals and going on new adventures each and every week. This should be a summer full of imagination!


July and August LIT Resource Counsellor – Sarah “Zabrini” Boyne

Home Church: Gale Presbyterian, Elmira

School: I am working on my BA in Geography and Bachelor of Education at Brock University.

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my 5th summer working at Camp Kintail. I have spent 3 years counselling and this will be my second summer as LIT RC.

Interests: Swimming, musicals and goofing around with kids

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: Last year as LIT RC I had the pleasure of getting to know an inspiring group inspiring young people, I am so excited to meet two new groups of camp-loving and energetic individuals this summer!

August LIT RC – Ruben “Sockeye” Biesheuvel

School: Delft University of Technology

Experience at Camp Kintail: After three years of counseling this will be my first program staff position at Camp Kintail!

Interests: Fancy food, cooking said fancy food and technology

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: Knowing that I will make a difference for all the LITs and that I will watch them grow over the summer.

July LIT RC – Greg ‘Talon’ McGovern

School: Second year in Concurrent Education at Brock University.

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my third summer at Kintail, and my first as a program staff member.

Interests: Reading, films, sports, Montreal Canadiens, and Camp Kintail!

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: I am so excited to get back to camp this summer! I can’t wait to meet the LIT’s that I will be mentoring for the month of July, and I ‘m especially excited to see those beautiful Lake Huron sunsets again (2nd best in the world by the way). I’m also eager to further develop my leadership skills that will be put to good use in my future classrooms. I’m sure this will be the best summer ever!

Mid-Summer LIT Resource Counsellor – Alex “Crash” Fensham

Home Church: Central Presbyterian Hamilton

School: BFA Film and Media Production, Humber College

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my fourth summer on Staff at Camp Kintail! I spent 2 years as a counsellor, and last year I was the Program Director

Interests: Making films, Disc Golf, and Youth Ministry

What Excites me for 2013 at Camp: I am looking forward to getting to know, and growing with the amazing young people I get to spend my summer with!

Midsummer Leader in Training Resource Counselor – Anita “Moringa” Young

Home Church: Knox Presbyterian, Monkton

School: Brock University, Concurrent Education

Experience at Camp Kintail: This is my 4th summer at Camp Kintail. I spent 2 years as a counselor, 1 year as adventure director and I am currently LIT RC.

Interests: Spending time outdoors, baking and figure skating

What excites me for 2013 at Camp: Meeting my LIT’s and teaching them to be great counselors!

High Ropes Director – Aaron “Talus” Holden

Home Church: Creekside Community Church Waterloo

School: BA & BED in contemporary studies at Nipissing and Laurier

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my 4th year on staff and 13th year in total

Interests: Books, good TV shows and movies, cross country skiing/running, painting, the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays, weird projects, good music, Jesus

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: Sustainable agriculture, disc golf records, Amazing people, cool things, the best campers that anyone could ask for, dressing up, and the quirky things that make spending a summer at camp so amazing,

Hi I’m Aaron, the first ever High Ropes Director. I’ve been looking forward to camp elements for some time now; I can’t wait for this New Year. Last year I received my challenge course provider level one. It taught me how to set up and maintain our rock wall. I look forward to furthering this expertise by learning how to maintain a zip-line and high ropes course as well. I take my responsibilities very seriously and promise to follow all procedures to provide the safest and most enjoyment out of each element. Personally I want to consider renaming a part of the course The Eyrie. An eyrie is a perch for a bird of prey in a remote and inaccessible place. What a great nature name for an element that is so fitting.

This will be my thirteenth year at camp and my fourth year as a staff member. Camp has helped me to grow in my faith and increase my confidence. I have found these skills to be powerful tools into shaping me into the man that I am today. I truly recommend anyone who is in high school to consider the Lit program in the future. The friends that you make during that one month experience will stick with you for a life time. As a Lit, you truly will learn how to GROW.

This is my first year at university. I’m in the contemporary studies and concurrent education at Laurier and Nipissing. I commute each day to Brantford to attend classes, and then stay in Waterloo to go to placement. I am in a full day kindergarten class through the public school board. Through the support of my mentor, teacher, and volunteers I have learned to view every experience as a natural catalyst to learning. Using past experiences with current knowledge I’m confident that I can help to shape any activity into a positive learning environment.

In this upcoming camping season I look forward to many new opportunities. With collaboration with my peers, I plan to create a sustainable agriculture exhibit. It is my intention to use leftover lumber and a little ingenuity to create a chicken coop that can be fed on organic scraps and help keep our waste low. It should be an interesting task, yet I’m looking forward to the challenge.

More than anything I look forward to seeing you at Camp Kintail this summer.

Creative Arts Team Leader – Nicole “Barnacle” van Klaveren

Home Church: Knox Presbyterian, Woodstock

School: Studying at York University for BA in dance and French.

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my 4th summer working at Camp Kintail. My first 2 years I was a counsellor, 3rd year as Dance Director and now Arts Team Leader.

Interests: I enjoy dancing, photography and drawing as well as watching romantic comedies and Friends.

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: I’m excited for the spectacular creative children that will come to camp! As well as the 2nd season of Kintail’s Dance Camp wooo!

Eco Team Leader – Mary “Rue” Crawford

Home Church: Our Lady of Mercy, Sarnia

School: Honours International Development and Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology – Double Major at Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my 4th summer working at Camp Kintail. My first 2 years, I was a camp counsellor, last year I was the Nature Director and this year as the Eco Team Leader.

Interests: Photography, Travel and History.

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: Singing around a campfire, playing in the water and spending time with friends. The way everyone should spend their summers.

Music & Drama Director – Holly “Zucchini” Boyne

Hi my name is Holly, or Zucchini at camp, and I go to Gale Presbyterian Church in Elmira. I’ve been going to camp since 2001, and every year just gets better! This summer marks my third year on staff at Kintail, and I’m extremely excited to take the role of Music and Drama Director. As a camper my favourite memories include campfire, skit night, FLASH and dress up meals. In my spare time I enjoy playing violin, piano and guitar as well as baking and reading. For the past three years I’ve been the worship director of Presbyterian Young Peoples’ Society (CNOB) where I plan the worship services, run the praise band and help organize the weekends. I love camp because it’s a wonderful Christian community where everyone feels welcome and can develop their faith so much no matter where they are in their faith journey. I’m looking forward to seeing what the summer will bring and getting to know all the campers whether through singing, acting, dress up, dancing or an impromptu conversation on cabin path. See you in the summer!

Kitchen Manager – Lisa “Peppermint” Molenaar

Home Church: Gale Presbyterian Church, Elmira

Home Town: Yatton, Ontario

Lisa is married to Dirk and they have two wonderful, fun loving daughters, Anika (13) and Adrianna (9). When she is not in the kitchen, baking or cooking, she love to read to herself or with the girls. This is her third summer at Camp Kintail; she is looking forward to camp and trying some new yummy recipes. She can’t wait to hear all the sounds of camp and see all the returning campers. She is also excited to see the new high ropes coarse and give it a try. They are very excited to be a part of the 2013 Camp Staff.

Arts and Crafts Director – Joanna “Snowdrop” Lee

Home Church: Knox’s Galt Presbyterian Church, Cambridge

School: Currently studying Fashion Design at Fanshawe College

Experience at Camp Kintail: I was a camper for three years and then I was a LIT. This summer will be my seventh at Camp Kintail and my third on staff.

Interests: fashion, sewing, drawing, and reading

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: EVERYTHING! To be more specific meeting campers new and old, planning creative and exciting crafts, sharing the love of God, and spending everyday at the beautiful place that is Camp Kintail!

Waterfront & Watercraft Director – Kelly “Dorsal” MacIsaac

Home Church: Bethel Church, Kingston

School: Studying Life Sciences at Queen’s University

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my third summer working at Camp Kintail, the first two spent as a counsellor/ lifeguard, and this year working as part of the waterfront team with Marlin.

Interests: Baking, travelling, reading a good book and swimming

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: I’m really excited to be part of the waterfront team this year, it has been my dream position ever since I was a camper. I’m looking forward to spending wavy days body surfing, calm days teaching campers how to kayak and canoe and I’m preparing to polar dip as many times as possible! I’m also excited to conquer the rock wall and make lots of arts and crafts.

Rock Wall Director – Erin “Cayenne” Bourke

Home Church: North Caradoc St. Andrews Presbyterian

School: Diploma from Strathroy District Collegiate Institute

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my 3rd summer working at Camp Kintail, 2 as a counsellor, and 1 as Rock Wall Director

Interests: Guitar, swimming, singing,snowboarding, horseback riding,

What Excites me for 2013 at Camp: This is my first year as a program staff, so I am excited about that! As well, all the campers who are returning to camp, or who are experiencing it for the first time to see the changes and try new things.

Administrative Assistant – Emma “Peridot” Shotyk

Home Church: Eden Mills Presbyterian, Guelph

School: currently studying Criminal Justice & Public Policy at the University of Guelph

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my 4th summer at Camp Kintail. I have spent the last 3 counseling lots of wonderful campers!

Interests: Traveling, kickboxing, laughing, and cats

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: Meeting everyone who comes strolling into the office!!

Nature Director – Kathryn “Tide” MacTavish

Home Church: St. Andrews Presbyterian, Hanover

School: John Diefenbaker Secondary School, Hanover

Experience at Camp Kintail: This will be my 3rd summer working at Camp Kintail. 2 years as a counsellor and of course 1 as Nature Director.

Interests: Photography, ski racing and music.

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: Being Nature Director has long been an interest of mine. I’m excited to try new (and old) crafts and experiments, and to teach children about the beauty of God’s creation.

Maintenance Director – Jordan “Plasma” Reinders

Home Church: Knox Presbyterian, Meaford

School: 1st year Human Kinetics Major at University of Guelph

Experience at Camp Kintail: I’ve attended camp since I was 5 years old. This will be my third summer on staff, 1 year as counsellor, 1 year as counsellor/maintenance, and this summer as Maintenance Director

Interests: Basketball, guitar, music

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp: Being a part of the major builds going on at camp this summer, as well as learning about and using the high ropes course.


Adventure Director – Zach “Blizzard” Romanson

Home Church: Forest City Community Church

School: First Year At Western University

Experience at Camp Kintail – This will be my third year working for Kintail as well as my first year on program staff.

Interests – Long walks on the beach with Marlin, playing guitar, snowboarding, innertube water polo, reading a good book, when sweet onion chicken teriyaki is the sub of the day, as well as doing adventurous things all year round.

What Excites Me for 2013 at Camp – I am excited to live up at camp this summer with some awesome staff and some energetic campers. It is always great to see people break out of their shell and show who they really are at camp. All in all I’m ready for a summer of going to the beach, singing some songs, playing some games and making memories.

Waterfront & Watercraft Director – Chris “Marlin” Kornas

Hometown- London Ontario

Education-1st Year Engineering at the University of Western Ontario and AEO to the Ivey School of Business

Experience at Camp Kintail-3rd year staff member but first year on program staff

Interests-Long walks on the beach with Blizzard, learning guitar, snowboarding, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, campfire, out tripping, and all things related to camp. I’m also extremely interested in western formula racing, activities like polar bear dip, and sports like hockey and volleyball.

What excites me for the 2013 Summer- Everything. From body surfing at the beach to campfire at night. Things like star spinner and just getting to know everyone at camp. This is going to be an incredible summer and I’m looking forward to all of it.

Assistant Cook – Lindsey “Flounder” Currie

Outdoor Living Skills Director – Graeme “Birch” Laberge

Home Church– Oakridge Presbyterian, London Ontario

Education- I am currently taking the year off between high school and university. Next year I am attending the University of Guelph for Political Science.

Camp Experience – Camp has been a part of my life for the past 7 years! I was a camper for four years, and LIT for one and a staff for 2 years and I am looking forward to my third year on staff!

Interests – I have many different interests that include snowboarding, hanging out with friends, listening to music, building things, taxidermy, collecting nutcrackers and playing hockey. I also like to get involved with my community and try and volunteer as much as possible. I really like anything that gets me outside, and allows me to be with friends and have fun.

What Excited me about summer 2013 – What excites me the most about summer 2013 is being on program staff! Ever since I was a camper I have always wanted to be on Program Staff and that dream has finally come true! I look forward being at camp and making a difference in each kid’s life that comes to camp this year! I have already begun to plan sessions for Out Door Living Skills this summer and I can’t wait for it to start!

Resource Staff – Martijn “Lanolin” Bolten



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