Inspired To Create by Stork

Camp is full of moments that make you smile from ear to ear. These moments often occur for me when I’m down at the craft cubby or working with a camera. I’ve made a few additions to my creative arsenal this summer. I have painted a big metal tin with secure lid that we now use as a kindle bucket for down at the beach. I find it fun being able to improve camp in small but useful ways. Me and Heron decided to paint a table right outside of arts and crafts just for the sake of it. It started out as a dull green but after ended being a colourful piece of furniture. I find just doing small things around camp can be such a big thing. People notice these small tasks and find them helpful or just pleasing to the eye.

At camp being creative is easy. You have have so many resources to pull from. The craft cubby is always stocked with new materials for potential crafts and projects. People who have creative minds are always available. I will really miss being in such a creative and positive space during the school year.

Until next time Stork is out!