Inspiration from Marine

By October 7, 2011Uncategorized

Now that the summer is coming to an end, I can’t help but think how things will change once we’re all back in the real world. For some of you this has already happened, for others- it’s a mere few days away. For instance, when you are at home do you still pray and give thanks to God somewhere around 9 times a day? And do you spend 2 or so hours a day singing? Or go to the beach for an hour every single day to lounge and play in the sun? I know I sure don’t! Perhaps the transition between camp and home doesn’t have to be such a drastic change though, perhaps we can all make an effort to bring camp with us wherever we go. This year I plan to pray around the dinner table with my roommates to remember how camp has taught me to be thankful to God. I promise to go for walks or bikerides so that I can enjoy the outdoors even though I don’t have camp’s beautiful site to wander around on. Lastly, I think we should all keep singing camp songs whenever we can- in the shower, on our ways to school or work, or spend an evening with a guitar in our living rooms. Camp has been amazing like it always is, but this time it’s not going to end when I leave Kintail.

-Alana “Marine” Henrich