Ibex & The Beach

By September 9, 2015Uncategorized

Ibex Here! This summer I had the opportunity to be apart of the waterfront team for Kintail and during that time I learned so much about being a lifeguard and the beach itself. My friends that work at other summer camps always talk about their pools or manmade lakes and it makes me appreciate our Lake. Although lady Huron has claimed many things like Torrent’s 200$ sunglasses or multiple pairs of water shoes, she’s still my favourite part about camp. Essentially living on the beach you learn to love the lake hair, sand in EVERYTHING you own and the empty bottles of sunscreen in the paddleshack. Being apart of the waterfront team was amazing and I was lucky enough to be apart of the team with my two best friends; Titan and Pika.

The lake is always changing; in the blink of an eye it can be thunder storming then turned boiling hot. There are a few days from this summer that were such polar opposites that it was hard to believe it are the same body of water. The one day in early July I took Ella, Lucy and Anna out for boating and it was hot with a breeze but the water was still, completely clear and absolutely perfect. We were down there all morning playing on the boats and our brand new aquamat. Then last week (K8) there was a storm, which stirred the lake up and made the waves so high that even the lifeguards were wearing lifejackets. For 3 days after that the waves were the most fun to be in, being in these waves for 4 hours a day helped me have some of the best sleeps I’ve had at camp.

The lake also loves to leave surprises for us each morning on the beach coming down in the morning for polar dip there’s always something to pick up whether it’s a piece of garbage (the morning after the storm an entire chain-link fence washed up on shore), beach glass or a cool looking rock! I think it was in K2 when one of the boys cabins were swimming around during our watercraft session and they found an unopened can of sprite floating by in the lake, of course being 10 year old boys they opened it after carefully inspecting it and gave it a classic taste-test. “It tastes just like the ones from the grocery store” one exclaimed and we all couldn’t help but laugh. There have been so many great moments just like that one where I know when my Kintail years are over I’ll be able to look back and think about all these great smiles, laughs and memories that I shared with both staff and campers.

In order for our beach to run as smoothly as it does, it requires many lifeguards. Titan, Pika and myself are so thankful for all of the lifeguards who come help us at free swim, take the aquamat out or just help out when needed. The Kintail beach will forever be one of my places in the entire earth, no matter how far I travel. Whether its when there’s kids splashing and playing in the water during free swim or the staff are watching the meteor shower together after finishing campfire. Where the water meets the sand is where you’re always going to find me whenever I’m on site